General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance for your business

General Liability Insurance may ensure your business is covered from:

  • accidents or injuries
  • any liability that requires medical expenses
  • damage from anything sold on location
  • lawsuit (including attorney fees, court costs and defense)
  • fire
  • burglary and theft
  • vandalism
General Liability Insurance - Cincinnati OH
General Liability Coverage - Cincinnati OH

The need for General Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is an additional insurance coverage needed to protect your business. While umbrella coverage may coverage for some losses, it may not pertain to all business related line items. General liability may provide additional coverage needed so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for claims that other policies may not cover.

Protection to cover lawsuits is crucial for maintaining your business operations and peace of mind. Lawsuits may be result of physical damage, loss of services, bodily injury, etc. General liability coverage may help you cover the costs of these items as well as the legal expenses up to the policy limit.

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